Sept. 8, 2017

Room 2 Newsletter:  September 8, 2017   367-3782X132
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         Room 2 Friends continue to work hard at being safe, respectful, and responsible students at Foresthill Divide School!  J  


Homework:  Use pencil (unless stated otherwise), be neat, and take pride in your accomplishments!  Read out loud to your family everyday, practice your sight words and math facts, and keep turning in your math homework and Friday Homework.  Room 2 is doing great! 

Reading/Science:  Storms
This week we read and talked about storms (thunder and lightning storms, blizzards, hurricanes, hail…) and less severe ones (showers, rain, snow, sprinkles….)  The students created crayon resist storm pictures, and as a class, we also created a rainstorm with our hands and feet.  It was really awesome!!!

Making Good Choices:  This week Mrs. McCollam’s class and our class learned about the importance of eating grains every day.  Grains—especially whole grains—are a good source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.  Grains give us energy to work and play.  We even got to eat a tasty variety of grains…yum! 

Jog-a-thon:  Keep getting those pledges.  We run in P.E. during the week of September 18th. 

*First Grade has P.E. every Wednesday and Friday.  Please wear appropriate shoes and clothes for P.E. 

Just an FYI…as part of the FDS team, I will be out of the class a few days this year for training on Positive Behavior Strategies.  Our first training day was great! FDS already has so many positive strategies in place, and as a school, we will continue to build positive relationships and implement strategies that make FDS the absolute best place to learn and grow! J