October 5, 2018

Room 2 Newsletter:  October 5, 2018
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Parent/Teacher Conferences…Thank you!
Thank you, everyone, for attending your conference. It was a pleasure meeting with all of you.  It is also a pleasure working with your children!  J  We make a great team!

Folsom Zoo Permission Slips and $20were due today, Friday, Oct. 5, 2018.  We go to the zoo on Friday, Oct. 12. 

Jog-a-thon: Pledges are due October 15.  Please tell your sponsors “thank you” for supporting our school!  J

Timed Math Fact Tests:Room 2 is off to a great start on the timed math facts.  Right now it can be easy to get confused with the + and – signs…but everyone is coming along.  Keep practicing at home as well.  Good job! J 

Home Reading Practice: Thank you so much for reading aloud to your child and listening to him/her read every day.  Thank you, also, for practicing the sight words and the little readers that go home. It makes all the difference in the world!  It is so exciting to see our first graders progress as readers! J 

Science: We’re continuing our study of animals: mammals, reptiles, birds, insects, fish, spiders, etc…  Our focus this week was on “habitats”—and the food, shelter, water, space, and air a habitat must provide.

Upcoming: Please save containers with lids for an upcoming drum-making day on Tuesday, October 16.  Oatmeal containers, margarine tubs, coffee cans…all work well.  If you have an extra container or two to share, please do. Just put your name on the container that you want to use, and I will keep it safe for you until “drum day.” J 

Note:  Next Tuesday, October 9, Mrs. Kellogg will be our guest teacher in Room 2.  I will be attending a PBIS training (Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies).  Since our Room 2 Friends know all about being Safe, Respectful, and Responsible, this day will be an excellent time for them to show how respectful and self-disciplined they can be with another teacher.