Oct. 13, 2017


Room 2 Newsletter:  October 13, 2017
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Foresthill Library:
On Tuesday, October 17, we go to the Foresthill Library.  Robin, the librarian, will give us a tour of the library and treat us to several wonderful stories read aloud. We always have a great time!  J 

As you know, we have been studying animals.  We have been categorizing animals into groups based on their characteristics:  mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, insects, spiders…  We know that an animal’s habitat must provide food, water, shelter, air, and space. We also learned that carnivores eat meat; herbivores eat plants; and omnivores eat meat and plants.  We are so ready for our trip to the zoo next week. 

PERMISSION SLIPS AND $9 FOR THE ZOO WERE DUE TODAY, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2017.  For questions or assistance, please contact me.  Thank you!  J 

Making Good Choices: My Plate/Dairy Group:
Mrs. McCollam taught us all about the dairy group…milk, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese…  We know that we need to eat/drink dairy products every day to get the calcium we need to keep our teeth and bones strong.  First graders definitely need 2-3 servings of dairy a day.  We also ate a delicious dairy snack of cheese or yogurt…yum!