Oct. 12, 2018

Room 2 Newsletter:  October 12, 2018
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As you know, we have been studying animals.  We have been categorizing animals into groups based on their characteristics:  mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, insects, spiders…  We know that an animal’s habitat must provide food, water, shelter, air, and space. We also learned that carnivores eat meat; herbivores eat plants; and omnivores eat meat and plants.  We were so ready for our trip to the zoo today. J

Making Good Choices: My Plate/Protein: 
This week we talked about the importance of protein.  Protein is important in building new cells in our bodies and helping wounds to heal.  We learned the difference between animal protein and plant protein and that exercise helps that protein turn into muscle. We also ate yummy protein rich bean burritos. 

Please save containers with lids for an upcoming drum-making day on Tuesday, October 16.  Oatmeal containers, margarine tubs, coffee cans…all work well.  If you have an extra container or two to share, please do. Just put your name on the container that you want to use, and I will keep it safe for you until “drum day.” 

First Grade Friends…keep reading out loud to your parents every day and practicing your math facts.  Remember, “learning is our super power,” and you are super students! J