May 17, 2019

Room 2 Newsletter:  May 17, 2019   367-3782X132
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Thank you, Room 2 Families, for the time and energy you put into the Book Diorama Projects!  What creative ideas! The students were so excited to tell about their projects and how they made them.  Well done!  J



This week we learned that everything in the world is made of matter.  We know that matter has mass and can be measured—which our Room 2 Scientists did very well!  We also learned that matter comes in three forms: solid, liquid, and gas. We know that solid matter has different properties (colors, textures, sizes…) but retains its shape/volume. Room 2 Friends also created wonderful puppets out of a variety of solid matter.


Marble Party News: Friday, May 24, 2019

Hip, hip, hooray!  Room 2 Friends filled the marble jar yet again—what a safe, respectful, responsible class! 
J  The class voted to have a “Pajama/Stuffy and Electronics & Games” Party.  So, roll out of bed and into class on Friday, May 24.  Bring one small stuffy to snuggle and one game to share/play with others.  (Games may be electronic—tablets, DSs, etc…, or board game types—Trouble, Twister, Memory, etc…school friendly games…)  If you can send a snack to share, I know that the class will appreciate and enjoy it. Thank you! J

End of Year Awards:

First graders will receive awards for 100% homework this trimester.  First graders who have not received an award for tying bows or for knowing their address/phone number may show me that they have mastered the skill to get their award.