May 12, 2017

Room 2 Newsletter:  May 12, 2017   367-3782X132
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Thursday, May 18:  6:00pm Open House:

There are just a few more days to complete the Diorama Book Project.  Students need to bring their project to school on Wednesday, May 17.   

The 8th graders will have a BBQ fundraiser starting at 5:30:  hot dog, chips, and drink for $3.

All the classrooms will be open from 6-7pm. Check them out!  See what FDS students are busy doing!  J

Field Trip to Roseville Theater/Friday, May 19:

We are excited about seeing Snow White and the Star Troopers!  Bring a snack, sack lunch, your good manners, and be ready for a fun day!


This week we learned about mixing matter.  Some mixed matter can be sorted back to its original properties:  trail mix, chex mix, fruit salad…  Other mixed matter cannot: lemonade, scrambled eggs…

Marble Party News:

Yes, the Marble Jar is full again!  Way to go, Room 2 Friends!  J  The class voted to have a Pajama/pillow/blanket/stuffed animal/nap/and movie Party.  The date has not been set.  See next week’s newsletter for more information.

End of Year Awards:

First graders will receive awards for 100% homework this trimester.

First graders who have not received an award for tying bows or for knowing their address/phone number may show me that they have mastered the skill to get their award.