May 10, 2019

Room 2 Newsletter:  May 10, 2019   367-3782X132
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Wednesday, May 15: 

Book Project Dioramas are due in class.  We are so excited about seeing each other’s projects.  Remember, if you need any help with supplies, please send a note, email, or give me a call.  

Thursday, May 16: Open House:
The 8th graders will have a BBQ fundraiser starting at 5:15:  hot dog, chips, and drink for $3. 

All the classrooms will be open from 6-7pm. Check them out!  See what our amazing FDS students are doing across the grade levels!  

Room 2 worked together to create a weather station with a thermometer, wind vane, and rain gauge.  We will monitor and record the weather all next week…perhaps longer…  

End of Year Awards:
First graders will receive awards for 100% homework this trimester.

First graders who have not received an award for tying bows or for knowing their address/phone number may show me that they have mastered the skill to get their award.


Happy Mother’s Day, Room 2 Moms!!!