April 6, 2018

Room 2 Newsletter:  April 6, 2018
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Spring Carnival: Saturday, April 28, 1-4pm@FDS:
P.T.O. is organizing a fun-filled afternoon for everyone at FDS.  There will be games, activities, food, and prizes!  Our class will run a beanbag game where people try to toss 3 beanbags into one of the three holes of a zany character.  We are looking for volunteers to take a half-hour or hour shift. Please email/call/or talk to me about what shift works for you (ex: 1:00-1:30, 2:00-3:00, set up, clean up, etc…).  I will start plugging in names for times in the order that they come to me.  Thank you for your participation and for helping to make this a fun, successful event! 

Making Good Choices:
This week, all the first graders worked on being “problem solvers.”  When faced with any problem, we learned some great strategies for making good choices: 1. Identify the problem. 2.  Think: what could I do (think of several possibilities). 3.  Choose the solution that is the best/safest/kindest/most responsible one given the situation. 

Placer Nature Center Field Trip:
Permission slips for the Placer Nature Field Trip on Friday, April 20 went home on Monday.  The permission slip and $12 are due on Friday, April 13. If you need assistance, please let me know.  Thank you. J

Second Trimester Awards:
Congratulations to our first graders who earned awards for perfect attendance, tying bows, and/or knowing their address and phone number.  Way to go!  J