March 11-15, 2019

First Grade Weekly Homework #26
Mar. 8-15, 2019

Sight Words: very, after, thing, our, just (Practice reading words to know them by sight.)

Sounds: vowel diagraph /oo/ (shook, foot, hood, etc…) (Practice these sounds.  Spell and read words with new and past letter sounds.)

Reading: First grade student reads aloud to family every day. (About 15 minutes a day.) Students read the story, Pet Dreams, answer the questions, and return on Friday.  Read and reread the other stories attached to the second part of the homework. (Keep these attached stories at home.) Family reads aloud to student.  Enjoy your reading time together.  

Spelling: look, book, good, hook, brook, took, foot, shook, wood, hood (The test is on Thursday, Mar.14.) 

Math:  Practice addition and subtraction flash cards so the basic facts are recalled instantly.  Count, read, and write numbers 1-120. Count to 100 by ones, tens, and fives. Count to 20 by twos. Add and subtract 2 digit numbers (do a quick draw of ten sticks and ones to solve). 

Writing:  The student writes, in pencil, on a topic of his/her choice.  Fill the page with complete sentences.  Include a colorful illustration.

Skill of the Week:  Helping Others:  Look around at home, at school, anywhere.  How can you help someone else…hold a door open, set the table, help carry something, help with a chore…???  What will you do? 

GoMath Homework due the next day in class:
Monday:  8.9
Tuesday:  8.10
Wednesday:  worksheet
Thursday:  P. 370&371