October 2019


            Sept. 30-Oct. 4: Parent/Teacher Conference Week
            Oct. 9: Fire Prevention Day
            Oct.  14: Jog-a-thon Pledge Money Due
            Oct. 18: First Grade Field Trip to Folsom Zoo
            Nov. 1: Professional Development Day for Staff/No School for Students
            Every Friday is Spirit Day—wear red and black! 

Reading:  Read daily to and with your child.  Our emphasis at school is on directionality (reading top to bottom, left to right), one to one correspondence (tracking/pointing to each word read aloud), looking at the first letter and picture clues to determine unknown words, blending short vowel words, and sight word/high frequency word development (instant recognition of common words:  a, I, the, for, have, etc...found in the weekly homework packets).  Memorizing and making meaningful predictions about print is developmentally appropriate.  Enjoy your reading time together.  Blackline practice stories will continue to go home each week for your child to reread and practice with you each day at home.

Math:  Continue to practice writing the numbers 0-20 correctly, counting objects, and counting aloud to 100 by ones, fives, and tens. Also review what numbers come before and after a designated number (ex. What comes before 5? What comes after 11?).  Addition and subtraction will continue to be our primary focus this month. Problems will be written both horizontally and vertically. Manipulatives will be used initially when introducing addition and subtraction facts. Daily 90 Second Math Tests will continue to be given, so please help your child prepare by studying the Math Facts Flash Cards (+ and -).  Students need to know their plus and minus zeros, plus and minus ones, and plus and minus two facts. 

Writing:  When writing notes, letters, stories...at home, continue to encourage your child to “sound out” the word and write/record the sounds he/she hears in sequence.  “Mrbl” for “marble” is still developmentally appropriate.  Do encourage and help with the conventional spelling of the basic sight words  (the, is, this, have, for...) going home in the weekly homework packets. 

Handwriting:  When writing at home, please encourage correct letter formation.  A simple rule of thumb--letters and numbers never begin at the bottom of the line.  Please refer to the alphabet and number chart in your Parent Handbook for letter formation.

Other Skills:  Please continue to work with your child on tying bows.  Also, practice street address and phone number.