Interdistrict Transfer Requests

The Governing Board recognizes that parents/guardians of students who reside within the geographic boundaries of one district may, for a variety of reasons, desire to enroll their children at a school in another district.  If you live within the Foresthill Union School District boundaries, please initiate the process with our school district office.

 1. Complete a 2019-20 Request for Interdistrict Transfer Attendance Form and return it to Debby La Porte at the district office.

 2. Please read Board Policy (BP) and Administrative Regulation (AR) 5117.
BP 5117
AR 5117

 3. Notice regarding the district's decision will be sent to the parents/guardians within thirty (30) calendar days of receiving the request.

If you have any questions, please contact Debby at (530) 367-2966 or