December 2019


                        December 5: TK-3 Grade Awards Assembely@9am/gym
                        December 19: Winter Program—7pm FDS Gym
                        December 20: Minimum Day-12:45 -Dismissal
                        December 23-January 3: Student Vacation


Read daily to and with your child. Talk about the story—make predictions about what might happen next, summarize the story, expand your child’s vocabulary, compare the story or characters to other books read... Our emphasis at school is on refining blending skills so that short vowel words are read smoothly and continuing to work on sight words so that the students’ reading becomes more fluent—it sounds like we talk. We will also be working a lot with th, ch, tch, sh, wh, and long vowel words—words spelled with magic e . The weekly homework will keep you informed on the phonic skills being taught and applied in the students’ daily reading. Continue to work on reading fluency by reading and rereading the stories sent home each week. Enjoy your reading time together.



The students will continue to work on their addition and subtraction skills using a variety of strategies to find sums and differences.  We are always working toward using the most efficient strategies (for example, counting up or counting back as opposed to counting blocks or fingers) when finding sums and differences. Ultimately, the students are working towards the memorization of math facts so that blocks, fingers, touch points, etc... are not necessary.  Other concepts covered this month are:  counting dimes, counting dimes and pennies, counting by 2s, telling time to the hour, identifying even and odd numbers to 20, identifying and locating numbers on a hundred number chart, place value (tens and ones), and given a number—determining what number is one more, one less, ten more, and ten less.


Review the Math Flash Cards daily to help commit these facts to memory. Being able to see the math fact and say the answer within 2 seconds is what is needed to pass each subsequent 90 Seconds Math Test. The students are working hard and fast on their tests and take pride in the fact that they are able to finish more problems on the current day’s test than they were the day prior. 



The students will continue to work on generating and writing sentences independently. While students will still write many words phonetically (plagrnd=playground), they are encouraged to identify not only the first and last sounds correctly but to sequence more and more of the sounds in between as well. Students are also working on the correct capitalization, punctuation, and spacing between words in their sentences. As in reading, we are working to build the students’ written sight vocabulary so that commonly used words (the, my, they, said,...) are spelled correctly. We are also working to incorporate the spellings taught in our daily phonics lessons in the students’ writing. Please refer to the weekly homework for the sounds and spellings being taught.