August/September 2019



Aug. 27: Back to School Night 5:30pm
Sept.2: Labor Day/No School
Sept. 30-Oct. 4: Parent Conference Week/12:45 dismissal
Fridays are minimum day schedule: 2:00 dismissal
Every Friday is Spirit Day: wear red and black


Read daily to and with your child. Practice sight words and sounds daily. Currently, our emphasis at school is on one to one correspondence (tracking/pointing to each word read aloud), looking at the first letter and picture clues to determine unknown words, and sounding out words. Memorizing and making meaningful predictions about print is developmentally appropriate. Enjoy your reading time together. (Suggestions will appear in the Parent Handbook distributed at Back to School Night.)

Review upper and lower case letter names and sounds.


Practice writing the numbers 0-20 correctly, counting objects, and review counting aloud to 120. Also practice using the terms “fewer,” “more,” and ”same” when comparing items. For example, “There are fewer glasses than utensils on the table.” Practice adding 2 numbers to find the sum and subtracting 2 numbers to find the difference (using fingers, objects, pictures, counting up…whatever strategies work best right now).


Encourage your child to write by adding items to the grocery list, writing notes to each other, sending letters to people, writing stories, etc... When writing words, encourage your child to “sound out” or “stretch” the word and write the sounds he/she hears in sequence. At this point, “ml,” “mrl,” and “mrbl” for “marble” are all developmentally appropriate. This is an exciting step for young writers!

Also work on correct letter formation. (You will be able to refer to the Parent Handbook that you will receive at Back to School Night on Tuesday, August 27, at 5:30 pm.) Rule of Thumb: Letters and numbers never start at the bottom.


TUESDAY, AUGUST 27, 2019 @ 5:30pm