Nov. 2, 2018

Room 2 Newsletter:  November 2, 2018   367-3782X132
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Thank you, Room 2 Families, for all your help and contributions to our class Halloween Party. We had a great time and goodies galore! J


Math Homework:

Parents, thank you for helping your children complete their nightly math homework. JI know that some of the Go Math lessons have been challenging for us adults. I find it helpful to review the second and third pages of the daily lesson (it’s always 4 pages long) to get a better understanding of the math skill/concept being practiced.  The students always take these pages home with them that day.  I am also available before and after school most days (or by email) to answer questions and help with better understanding the lessons. 

End of the First Trimester:November 14, 2018
*First graders wanting to earn the bow-tying award, make sure you show me your tying skills at Quiet Choice time (no bunny ears, please). 

Daylight Savings Ends this Weekend… “Fall Back”:
Enjoy that extra hour of sleep Saturday night/Sunday morning! 

Making Good Choices: Nutrition/Health:
This week we learned how important it is to eat from a variety of food groups every single day.  No one food group includes all the nutrients our bodies need.  A healthy meal includes foods from at least four different food groups.  As a family, talk about the food groups represented in the meals you eat at home. 

Foresthill Library Field Trip:
Our class goes to the Library in town on Wednesday, Nov. 7 at 12:15.  We will have a tour of the library and enjoy storytime.  We are so fortunate to have this resource in our community.