Mar. 9, 2018

Room 2 Newsletter:  March 9, 2018   367-3782X132
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Thank you, Room 2 Families, for the sets of markers!  I think we’re set for the rest of the year! J 

Second Trimester Parent/Teacher Conferences:
Conference days are March 19-23.  School will be dismissed at 12:45. Parents may go online to schedule conferences from March 5-18.  If you need to make special arrangements for a conference, please let me know. J 

We talked about what plants need to live and grow: soil, sun, water, space…, and we are currently conducting an experiment to see how seeds grow when they are given all of those factors or just some.  We also dissected a lima bean and identified the seed coat, baby plant, and the “plant food” that is used until the plant can make its own food.  Room 2 Friends are incredible botanists! J 

Making Good Choices: Too Good for Violence:
This week the emphasis was on anger. We talked about anger as an emotion, when people might feel angry, how our bodies respond/look when we’re angry, what we might do when we are angry, and how to deal effectively with that emotion. We talked about counting to ten, relaxing our bodies, taking deep breaths…whatever it takes to “calm down” to be able to think and respond responsibly. We also reviewed “I messages”:  I feel angry when you call me names… We have some good strategies to use now at school and at home. J