Nov. 9, 2017

Room 2 Newsletter:  November 9, 2017   367-3782X132
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End of the First Trimester: November 14, 2017
*First graders wanting to earn the bow-tying award, make sure you show me your tying skills at Quiet Choice Time. 

Making Good Choices—My Plate/Exercise:
This week we learned that it is not only important to eat healthy, but it is also important to exercise. We learned that children need to be active at least 60 minutes a day. We also learned about the importance of drinking water when we exercise as well as the roles that our hearts and lungs play in getting oxygen throughout our bodies.

First Graders:
Remember to read aloud to your family every day.  Practice your sight words and sounds with a grown-up.  Also, practice your math facts so that you can keep moving on to the next math fact test in class.  Parents, every day we practice “counting up” from the biggest number when we add and “counting back” when we subtract.

Regular sight words and spelling words lists resume next week. 

No School Friday, November 10, 2017:  In Honor of Veterans Day

No School Monday, November 20-Friday, November 24, 2017: Thanksgiving Break