April 21, 2017

Room 2 Newsletter:  April 21, 2017
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Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a good Spring Break and Easter!  Mrs. Skogan and I sure missed everyone!  It’s good to see everyone again! 

Earth Day:

Tomorrow, April 22, is Earth Day.  Yesterday, we read and discussed a Scholastic News article about trash…who collects trash, what safety factors sanitation workers consider in their work, how trash is disposed, what landfills are, what items can be recycled....  We also talked about different things people do to take care of our Earth’s land, air, and water: pick up trash, recycle, don’t let the water run, plant a tree, use reusable items (like our lunch boxes), use both sides of the paper.  We even put on gloves and cleaned up our school playground.  Now all of us can be Earth Day Heroes!

Making Good Choices: Listening:

This week our “Too Good for Drugs” lesson was about listening.  We talked about how important it is to listen: to adults, to directions, to each other, to what is going on in our surroundings, etc... We also talked about why it is important to be good listeners since good listeners are more likely to be safe, to learn more, to make healthy choices, to be able to make good decisions, etc… Here’s to being the best listeners we can be!

Thank you, again, for keeping reading aloud, practicing math facts, and completing weekly and nightly homework a priority at your house.  Not only are you helping your child develop the skills he/she needs to be successful in school, but you are also helping him/her become a very responsible person in general. Way to go, Room 2 Families!  J